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From Cape Business Online, clients can expect expert and efficient services. We are a digital marketing company that specialise in providing businesses with creative and eye-catching websites, social media posts and online ads, that perfectly showcases each client’s business, brand and services/products.

The websites are all custom-designed and developed. Our websites are made to be fully responsive and readable on all devices. We make sure to deliver all our websites in accordance with the most recent HTML coding standards. We have completed over 100 website designs for some well respected brands. Our brand is known for quality, efficiency and creativity. Wit added services like copywriting, social media and more, clients should know that they are receiving top quality services.

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    Our services

    Our comprehensive digital marketing services at Cape Business Online, include the following:

    • Online Advertising: we own 20 online business directories in the Cape Town region. This is a great platform to gain exposure for your business.
    • Web design: with a creative team that is on top of all the latest trends and developments, we will provide you with a site that will get you noticed.
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO): we will develop industry specific SEO strategies that will ensure that you gain maximum online exposure.

    Contact us today if you would like a website that  is designed by a creative and professional team.


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