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If you are seeking advanced health and beauty treatments that show results, look no further than EWC Mediwellness Centre! We offer some of the most innovative beauty treatments available in the industry. Our health and beauty centre was established in 2004 and our aim has always been to assist clients to regain their health and maintain their beauty. With the hectic schedules everyone has today, people often forget to take care of themselves. We can help you achieve a beautiful, younger looking image with our treatments and equipment. We are situated in the Vineyards Office Estate and our team welcomes all who want to start taking care of themselves.

We specialise in body shaping and contouring treatments such as fat freezing and endermologie treatments. Endermologie, for example, is a way of manipulating the tissue under the skin by use of specialist machinery. Doing so results in the firming and slimming of the skin, and also enhances cellulite reduction. The result is smoother and firmer skin, as well as a more toned and refined body figure.

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Our services

At EWC Mediwellness Centre, we offer an extensive range of advanced health and beauty treatments. Our treatments are guaranteed to show results.

Our offering includes:

  • Body Treatments: a range of body shaping, slimming and contouring treatments
  • Health Treatments: detoxifying treatments, as well as various weight-loss treatments
  • Skin Treatments: anti-ageing treatments, and also collagen treatments

If you are interested in visiting our health and beauty salon, feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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