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Kip McGrath Durbanville offers extra remedial lessons for learners from grade R – 12. As part of this premium, international education brand, we make sure to always deliver our best to our learners as well as their parents. Each of our learning programmes is structured to meet your child’s needs. We focus on subjects including English, Maths, and Afrikaans. Other helpful courses that learners can participate in, includes Study Skills and Reading Courses, as well as a School Readiness Course for learners that are going to school soon.

With our free assessments, we are able to determine exactly what is preventing your child from achieving success in any of the above-mentioned subjects. Our tutors are then able to assist your child accordingly with face-to-face learning, as well as the completion of several computer-based tasks.

If you are seeking a way to boost your child’s academic confidence and to help them achieve success in school, this is it!

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What we offer

At Kip McGrath Durbanville it is our aim to assist learners, grade R – 12, struggling with school to overcome these obstacles and reach their academic potential. The first step is to bring your child in for a free assessment which will allow us to determine what he/she is struggling with and to develop a learning programme accordingly.  Since we are open after school and on Saturdays, all learners have a chance to better their learning skills with us.

Subjects and courses we offer:

  • English Extra Lessons
  • Afrikaans Extra Lessons
  • Maths Extra Lessons
  • Study Skills Course
  • Reading Skills Course
  • School Readiness Course

Parents can fully rely on our team to provide their child with all the academic help he/she needs. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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