Lightstruck will get you connected

Get connected with Lightstruck and enjoy fast internet at home. We bring world class fibre broadband to homes across South Africa and further offer two digital utility packages too. Our Yutiliti offerings are suited to serve small to medium households where family members can watch YouTube, stream media and more. We aim to connect smart communities across the nation with a specific focus on complexes, gated communities and estates. If you would like rapid and reliable fibre to your home, register your interest with us. By involving the community members or residents in your gated community, the process of bringing fibre to your home can begin. The more interest shown in our service in a specific area, the quicker we can roll out rapid and reliable fibre.

Lightstruck brings you Yutiliti

Our Live area users can benefit from a fast internet connection by choosing one of our two packages. Yutiliti offers a 20 Mbps and a 100 Mbps internet connection package to bring you the best the web has to offer at lightning fast speeds. These packages are suited to small to medium households that want a great internet connection within their home to enjoy.

  • Yutiliti Basic Connection – 20 Mbps suited to a small family with various internet needs.
  • Yutiliti Advanced Connection – 100 Mbps suited to a small to medium family who are avid streamers and gamers.

Our Yutiliti packages are designed to remove long waiting periods and frustrations from signing up with an ISP. Do the online admin within 10 minutes and 48 hours later, an agent will contact you to get the ball rolling. We aim to provide smart communities with the fibre and connections they need in order to learn, work or play from the comfort of their homes.


Visit our website to register your interest, learn more about us or to sign up for a Yutiliti package in one of our Live areas.

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