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Multisafe Security’s claim to fame is the Lexan ClearBars – we are proud to say that we are the inventors and exclusive supplier of these quality security bars. ClearBars are transparent burglar bars that are manufactured from carbon fibre. Our product is known as the strongest in the world. The appeal of clear burglar bars lies in the fact that it offers a way to secure any home/office, without hampering the view or consuming the interior. These bars are easily installed into any window opening to act as a barrier against intruders.

This revolutionary products was invented 12 years ago and today we have more than 50 installation teams all over South Africa. Since the start of ClearBars, we have manufactured and installed 1200 kilometres of ClearBars to various clients. The correct installation of this product is crucial, which is why we have dedicated and knowledgeable installation teams.

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Our security products: Lexan ClearBars

Being the inventors of Lexan ClearBars, we are proud to say this product offers security and durability. Our burglar bars are manufactured from top quality materials. The carbon fibre that we use, is known to be about 5 x stronger than steel, which makes it unbreakable by any human hands. The bars are 7mm x 30mm in size and are spaced over any window opening, about 100mm-120mm apart, for the best results.

Our ClearBars should be seen as a long-term investment, since they are made to last. The bars are maintenance free and are also scracth resistant, so clients can be sure that it will stay transparent.

Apart from being used to secure window opening, the bars can be made as:

  • Balustrades
  • Pool Enclosures

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