More about NG Church Kuils River

NG Church Kuils River is a community and family centric church, offering a sanctuary for the spiritual needs of the Kuils River church-goers.  We believe in offering people the opportunity to worship and practice their religion in a beautiful, safe space and offer advice and counsel to those who seek it. Our pastors are professionally qualified and have years of experience in religious establishments, and are known for preaching uplifting, inspirational messages and leading informative, thoughtful services.  The NG Church  Kuils River is an established church with solid values and foundations which both old and new members will find to be in line with their own world views. The atmosphere is safe, fun and accepting.

At our church, we offer a variety of different services that cater to the different spiritual needs of our members. There are groups for both women and men, and some groups which are solely for women and solely for men. We also have a vibrant ad caring prayer group which takes place during the week, in which we pray for certain congregation members. At NG Church  Kuils River, you will find a warm, caring community waiting to take you under our wing.

Our services

The following services are included at our church in Kuils River:

  • Worship services: We have various worship services which take place regularly during the week and on Sundays. These services all focus on praising and following the Word of God in all aspects of one’s life.
  • Bible Studies: We offer informative and enlightening Bible studies at regular weekly meetings.
  • Prayer Groups: There are a number of different prayer groups which members are able to attend and partake in.

We also distribute publications to our congregation members with information about events, who needs prayers or assistance and Bible verses for members to read. All publications are put together by a group of wonderful volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the NG Church in Kuils River, or simply are in need of more information, please feel free to visit our church or website!

Opening Hours














09:00-12:00; 18:30 - 20:30


Our Address:

26 Langverwacht Road, Kuils River, 7580


-33.932133, 18.6870962

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