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Voltage Renewable Energy is revolutionising the energy landscape of Cape Town, driven by a commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies. We specialise in a range of innovative solar solutions, delivering a full spectrum of services tailored to empower both homeowners and businesses.

Why Choose Voltage Renewable Energy?

Investing in our renewable energy solutions means less reliance on the national grid and more savings on your energy bills. Voltage Renewable Energy also prides itself on offering scalable solutions that grow with your energy needs, ensuring your system remains efficient and future-proof. Additionally, our expert team excels not only in installation but also in maintaining stringent compliance and inspection standards, guaranteeing your system is efficient, compliant, and durable.

Our Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions

  • Grid-Tied: Our grid-tied systems offer you the opportunity to tap into solar energy while maintaining a seamless connection to the national grid for backup, ensuring you have power when you need it most.
  • Off-Grid: Our off-grid solar solutions are your gateway to a self-sufficient lifestyle. Custom-designed to meet your unique energy needs, these systems epitomise the forefront of renewable technology.
  • Hybrid: Discover the ultimate energy solution with our hybrid systems, which intelligently combine solar power, grid connectivity, and battery backup. This guarantees a constant electricity supply, even during grid failures.
  • Backup Power: Protect your with advanced UPS systems engineered to keep critical devices running during load shedding or unplanned power interruptions.


Our services are designed to equip you with an effective energy solution that aligns with your energy needs. From installation to ongoing maintenance and compliance navigation, Voltage Renewable Energy is your dedicated partner in transitioning to a sustainable, cost-effective, and independent energy future.

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